We believe that parents know their children best.

At Apple Tree, we value the partnership between parents and teachers. You are your child’s first and most enduring educators. 

When parents and teachers collaborate, the results have a positive impact on your child’s development and learning. 

Therefore, we maintain a strong relationship with parents to provide the best care for your children, fostering open and honest communication on a daily basis.

Teacher-Parent Communications

Our teachers communicate with parents during drop-off and pick-up times.  If your child uses a bus service, we make sure to organize phone calls with you to ensure exchange of information between teachers and parents.

Parent Information Sessions

We invite parents to attend informational evenings where you can learn more about your child’s program.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Twice a year, we schedule meetings between parents and teachers to discuss your child’s learning goals and development. If you ever feel the need for a meeting, you can request one at any time.

Classroom Door

Each classroom posts notices and information on the classroom door. Please check regularly for the latest information.


You’re welcome to join us for the seven school celebrations throughout the year.

Email and Group Newsletters

We send out weekly email updates and newsletters every three weeks to keep you informed about your child’s classroom program. Parents are informed about all important issues via e-mail.

Parent Committee

We have a Parent Committee with representatives from each group. They meet twice a year to connect parents with the kindergarten and nursery management. Additional meetings can be arranged as needed.

Development Reports

Parents receive two written development reports per year, which assess your child’s progress in various areas. You can discuss the contents of these reports during parent-teacher meetings.


Look out for posters at the Apple Tree entrance and welcome area information board, which remind you of important dates and events.

We’re here to support your child’s growth and development, and we believe that working together with parents is key to their success.