Apple Tree Kindergarten & Nursery is a fully licensed kindergarten/pre-school and young nursery.

(OM no: 202829, Young Nursery Identification numbers: S0303504, S0510047)

Edina Stöllinger


Apple Tree Kindergarten and Nursery is a fully licensed kindergarten and nursery operated by a non-profit organization founded by Edina Stöllinger in 2012. Edina is responsible for the overall management of Apple Tree Kindergarten and Nursery.

Edina has a business background, including several years in multinational corporate environments. A mother of three, she decided to devote her life to young children and qualified as a kindergarten teacher. She gained experience in several kindergartens both in Hungary and abroad. Founding her own international kindergarten and nursery is her dream come true…

Orsi Ármosné Kézdy


Orsi has many years of teaching experience working in international school settings as a caregiver and teacher. She has been working as a teacher at Apple Tree since the school was founded and she was appointed as the Director of Apple Tree in August 2023. Orsi loves to nurture and play with children, and she believes that schools have to work hand in hand with the families to give the best possible care for the children.

Orsi loves to travel and explore different countries, their cuisine and their culture and she also likes to share the wonders of Hungarian culture to children. When she is not at work, she is a devoted mum to her three lovely daughters.

Karolina Tamás

Educational & Communications Director

Karolina is the Educational and Communications Director of Apple Tree Kindergarten and Nursery. She is also a teacher and founding member of the school. 

Karolina believes in a holistic approach to education. The emotional well-being of the children is just as important as their learning.

Karolina enjoys being outdoors, gardening, trekking, and kayaking in her free time.

Gabriella Horváth

Office Manager

Gabi, a mother of two, is our office manager. She joined the Apple Tree team 7 years ago and supports the school in administration, finance, and HR. 

She is a qualified secondary school teacher of Hungarian Literature and Grammar, having earned her degree from ELTE University. Gabi has experience teaching in different secondary schools; she has also worked as an office manager and HRBP.