We offer a wide range of Extra Curricular activities every day until 5 PM. Detailed information about the providers, the schedules and the fees of these sessions are available at the start of each school-year.

Monday Afternoons
Age 4 & Up


by Buborék Swimming School

Buborék Swimming School has been teaching Apple Tree children how to swim since the beginning in 2012.  Their excellent bilingual instructors are kind and effective teachers.  Our children love to swim with them.  Trainings are held once a week all year long at the MOM Sports Pool and Sports Complex which is a short bus ride from Apple Tree.

Monday Afternoons
Age 3 & Up

Yoga for Children

by Kinga

Kinga is a certified children’s yoga instructor. During the sessions, children practice yoga in a playful way through games and stories. 

Yoga for children improves the development of the nervous system, develops coordination and balance, improves posture, strengthens the immune system, helps to alleviate tension, stress and anxiety, improves memory and concentration and develops emotional intelligence.

Tuesday Afternoons
Age 3 & Up

Extra Gym

by Réka

Réka believes that movement and playful gym exercises develop the learning abilities of all children. It is good for their bone- and muscle development and improves their posture.

Extra gym offers fun games for children while improving their posture, developing their concentration skills, improving their attention span and stamina.

Tuesday and Wednesday Afternoons
Age 3 & Up

Arts & Craft

by Anna

Children respond much stronger to visual and sonic cues, bright colours and interaction. 

Anna believes art appreciation improves the process of creating. She will use different materials and techniques to create pieces of art. Sometimes it will take a few occasions to complete a project, other times we will finish our work in one session. Children will take home all their art creations by the end of the school year.

Thursday Afternoons
Age 3 & Up


by Dance Craze Academy

Boys and girls will laugh and move in our special dance programme catered for the pre-school child that inspires laughter, fitness and learning.  Exercises and dance routines taught all use the children’s imaginations and are safe for growing bodies. 

DCA teachers are British, fully qualified and trained in dance and have lots of experience with little children.  Your child will develop physically, mentally, emotionally, musically and socially.

Wednesday Afternoons
Age 3 & Up

Modern Folk Dance

by Fricska Dance Group

Children experience folk dance and music while enhancing movement coordination. Classes feature Moldavian line, circle, and Somogy jumping dances, along with fun rhythm games. Dancing with Gergő not only brings out spectacular rhythm development but also sharpens coordination. Learning dance steps is a playful experience, where kids focus on posture, rhythm, and balance while having a blast!

Led by world-reknowned folk dancer Gergő Papp, Fricska combines authentic Hungarian folk dance with modern dance styles and rhythms.

Friday Afternoons
Age 3 & Up

Fairy Tales and Storytelling

by Anna

There is more than one way to tell a story or a fairy tale. 

Each week Anna chooses a fairy tale that they share & discover through drawing, painting or sculpting encouraging imagination, creative thinking and at the same time the children learn about ourselves the most.

Friday Afternoons
Age 3 & Up

Smart Moves

by Bogi

Bogi is a conductive teacher and kindergarten teacher. Smart moves is the development of healthy lifestyles, motor skills, movement knowledge, social and personal skills.

Age 4 & Up


by Pasaréti Ski School

Skiing is offered three days a week for nine sessions in the winter.