Cookie Policy

Personal Data provided by you and processed by the Data Controller in connection with the use of the Website and visiting the Website (cookies)

„Cookies” are small computer files sent by the Website to the User’s web browser that hold a small amount of data specific to the User and the Website. These can be accessed by the Website and are used to deliver better customized pages each time a webpage is requested by the User from the website.

Cookies do not directly contain Personal Data, but they may be linked to a User and thus be considered as Personal Data. Therefore, for the proper operation of the functions and services of the Website, Users are asked  to give consent to the use of Cookies.

By agreeing to the use of Cookies, Users agree that in connection with the Website the Data Controller shall use Cookies managed by an external service provider necessary to register data and information specified therein. Such data include data of the computer the User is logged in to, which are generated during the use of the Website and automatically registered by cookies used on the Website as a result of technical processes (e.g. IP address of the User’s computer). Automatically registered data are automatically logged by the system – without the separate declaration or action of the User – upon visiting the Website.

Such data will not be connected to personal user information, i.e. the User cannot be identified based on these data. Such data may only be accessed by external service providers managing cookies and by the Data Controller.

In connection with the Website, the Data Controller shall use the services of the Google Analytics system, whereby cookies managed by Google Analytics help with the assessment of the number of visitors to the Website and other web analytical data (e.g. from which other website did the User come to the Data Controller’s Website, which pages were viewed, and how long the browsing lasted for, etc.). Information collected by cookies is stored on external servers operated by Google. Google Analytics can provide further information on the management of such data: