Parental involvement

As stated in our philosophy we consider parents as partners. We believe that parents know their children best. They are their first and most enduring educators. When parents and teachers work together, the results have a positive impact on the child's development and learning. Therefore, we maintain a strong relationship with parents for the best possible care of their children. We foster honest and open communication on a daily basis.

Teacher –Parent communication

Teachers communicate with the parents at drop-off and pick-up times. Children taking advantage of the bus transportation service will have a notebook in which the teachers and parents can exchange notes/information on a daily basis.

Parent information sessions – Twice a year parents are invited to a parents' evening, where they get general information on the program of their child's group.

Parent-teacher meetings – once a year there is a meeting scheduled for each child's parents to discuss the development of their child. Please note that in case it is requested either by the parents or by the teachers, a meeting can be organized any time during the year.

Information board – There is an information board in front of each classroom that contains the actual most important information of the group. Please check it out regularly.

Celebrations – Parents are invited to take part in the celebrations of our school 4 times a year.

Newsletter – A newsletter will be sent to the parents via e-mail every 3 weeks to inform the parents about the classroom program.

Management –Parent communication

Parent Committee – There is a parent committee that has representatives of each group. The parent committee has 2 sessions during the year. The parent committee is to connect the parent community and the management of the kindergarten & nursery. Please note that in case it is requested either by the parent community or by the management a Parent Committee meeting can be organized any time during the year.

Reports – Children will receive 3 development reports during the year, which will indicate the development of each child in different areas. The content of these reports may be discussed during the parent-teacher meetings.

E-mails – Parents will be informed about all important issues via e-mail.

Posters – Parents will be reminded of important dates and events with posters at the Apple Tree entrance and welcome area information board.

Informal Parent Coffee Mornings – Occasionally there are mornings when parents interested in connecting with other parents meet for an informal coffee and cake and some chat. A member of the management will also take part in these sessions.

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