Young Nursery

The maximum number of children at a time in the young nursery group is 12. It is possible to enrol a child in the young nursery group for 3, 4 or 5 mornings or full days.

Parents can decide on a first come first served basis which days they want to bring their children to the nursery. The type of enrolment may be changed during the year. You can always change from mornings to full days. Changing the number of days a child attends is a question of availability.

The group leader of the young nursery group is a Hungarian qualified Kindergarten teacher who speaks fluent English with several years of experience with young nursery aged children. The group leader will be accompanied by a native English speaking assistant teacher.

Our address: 1026 Budapest, Trombitás út 11. |E-mail: mail foot2| Phone: +36 30 708 2248  Language available : hungarian

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