Special Classes

Extracurricular classes in Apple Tree Activity Center

Please note that all classes must be paid in advance for the whole year or by semester. All classes start during the week of 14 September, 2015.

Please note that classes will start only in case of sufficient interest. Friends and siblings are welcome to join our classes.

Art by Anna Szalai on Wednesday 16.15
on Tuesday 16:30
Duration: 45 min Minimum age: 3 years
7+ years
Price: 1800 HUF/ occasion
Children respond much stronger to visual and sonic cues, bright colours and interaction.
Numerous studies prove that arts:

Children respond much stronger to visual and sonic cues, bright colours and interaction. Numerous studies prove that arts:

  • encourage empathy and interaction
  • stretch the imagination
  • develop important coordination and language skills
  • satisfy educational objectives arcoss the curriculum
  • support literacy and writing
  • enhance social skills such as problem solving, turn taking and active listening
  • impact school attendance in a positive way
  • improve motivation and behaviour
  • and simply allow children to have fun.

We believe art appreciation improves the process of creating. We will use different materials and techniques to create pieces of art. Sometimes it will take a few occasions to complete a project, other times we will finish our work in one session. Children will take home all their art creations by the end of the school year.

Anna Szalai is our special arts teacher at Apple Tree Kindergarten & Nursery. For more information about Anna please see our website:

Chess by Bence Bognár on Thursday 15:30 Duration:
Group(max5): 45 min
Minimum age: 3 years Price:
Group: 1500 HUF/ occasion

I started playing chess at the age of 6 and I have 4 years of experience teaching chess. I enjoy playing with children and teaching them chess in a very playful way. I am a mathematics teacher at the ELTE University.

During my lessons I teach children the rules of the game, provide them with basic tactics regarding the beginning, the middle and the end of the game. We will learn different ways to end a chess game, practice a great number of check-mate situations and different opening styles. Combination skills are also crucial in chess, I have numerous exercises to improve on this field. My aim is to make children like this game, therefore I teach in a way that is enjoyable and easy to understand for all age groups. 

Extra gym by Bea Szabó
conductor,movement therapist
on Thursday 16:15 Duration: 45 min Minimum age: 3 years Price: 1600 HUF/ occasion

Bea runs ‘Sunflower House’ that provides motor skills therapies and ability development for children. She is specialised in integrating children with delayed movement- and speech development, and recognising/ preventing learning disorders. She believes that movement and playful gym exercises develop the learning abilities of all children. It is good for their bone- and muscle development and improves their posture. Our aim is to provide fun games for children while improving their posture, developing their concentration skills, improving their attention span and stamina.

Judo by Team Judo Club on Friday 16:15 Duration: 45 min Minimum age: 4 years Price: 1800 HUF/ occasion

Team Judo Club’s basic aim is to reduce juvenile aggressiveness, teach children to respect grown-ups and their peers, and develop their inner discipline through Japanese methods. The movement of judo with its complementary form of motion are suitable for laying a physical base that is a perfect foundation for any other sport and also improve the culture of movement. Moreover it forms a certain manner of living and a certain way of thinking that can be useful for the children through their entire lives.

Studies examining kindergartens and schools have found that 70% of the school accidents happened because children do not have proper movements coordination. Crawling, climbing, and rolling are basic movements of little children. These movements can be learned perfectly during judo trainings without any difficulties, for girls and boys alike.

Yoga for kids by Kovács Tünde on Thursday 16:15 Duration: 45 min Minimum age: 3 years Price: 1600 HUF/ occasion

Kovács Tünde is a certified children’s yoga instructor both in Hungarian and English. She is a cheerful, open person who loves to work with children. She has experience teaching yoga in international children’s setting.

During the sessions children practice yoga in a playful way involving games and fairy tales. The effects of yoga for children:

  • develops coordination and balance
  • improves posture
  • improves the immune system
  • dissolves tention and stress
  • develops memory
  • improves concentration
  • develops emotional inteligence

Tünde also incorporates the Tibetan singing bowl method in her yoga classes.

Dance by Dance Craze Academy on Tuesday 16:15 Duration: 45 min Minimum age: 3 years Price: 2000 HUF/ occasion

Boys and girls will laugh and move in our special dance programme catered for the pre-school child that inspires laughter, fitness and learning.  Exercises and dance routines taught all use the childrens imaginations and are safe for growing bodies

DCA teachers are British, fully qualified and trained in dance and have lots of experience with little children.  Your child will develop physically, mentally, emotionally, musically and socially.  At the end of the year your Child will participate in a little show fully costumed, and receive a medal for all his/her hard work!

If your child enjoys music and moving this is a great way to stay active, heart-smart and healthy.  Don't forget DCA's motto is Everyone is a star so even if you think you have two left feet or the wrong body shape for dance do come along because everyone can enjoy dance and improve with DCA!

Football by Márton Pecsenyánszky on Wednesday 16:15 Duration: 45 min Minimum age: 3 years Price: 1300 HUF/ occasion

Our football trainings will take place in the Apple Tree gym. Occasionally we will play at the bike area in the garden, too. We will concentrate on basic ball handling skills and football tactics. Our instructor is Márton. He is passionate about football and eager to train young children. Márton speaks English and has been running a similar, very popular football club in another kindergarten for several months. 

For more information and to sign up please call Mariann Kehrling at +36 30 708 2248 or write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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