Special Classes

Extracurricular classes in Apple Tree Activity Center

Please note that all classes must be paid in advance for the whole year or by semester. All classes start during the week of 14 September, 2015.

Please note that classes will start only in case of sufficient interest. Friends and siblings are welcome to join our classes.

Summer School Program

July, 2018

In July 2018 Apple Tree offers 4 fun weeks of Summer School for 2,5 to 8 year old children. Anybody is welcome to join our program who would like to spend the summer doing fun-filled activities, making new friends and speaking English.

Each week will have its theme:


ATNTA is for the budding Ninja in every child.

Join us for a week of rigorous activities designed to challenge the intellect, build physical strength and nurture the soul. Accomplished Apple Tree Ninja Masters will provide on-site training to develop endurance and build strength every day. You will learn Apple Tree’s ancient tea-making recipes. You can practice your crafting skills with origami folding, cherry-blossom painting and sushi making. Or you can chill out in the ZEN TEMPLE. There is loads of fun in store for everyone!
Let's travel back in time! Join us for a week of traditional crafts such as weaving, felting, tie dying and pottery making! We will make our own napkins for mealtimes, hand wash them every day and use them throughout the week. We are planning to spend as much time outdoors as the weather will allow. You will be swept off your feet (literally) with the music of the past! Traditional outdoor games, dances and instruments will mesmerize you! We will visit lands of the past in the Skanzen in Szentendre to experience life before.

Join us for the fun!

Apple Tree's Café Italiano is the place to be if your child loves cooking, baking and would love to learn a little bit about Italian food and culture. Come join us as we prepare delicious delights such as pizza, fresh pasta, ice cream, bruschetta, pesto, tiramisu and so many other Italian treats. They can explore and play in our Italian café, decorate their own pizza box and mix up some refreshing beverages. We plan to visit a bakery with the older children, while the little ones will be busy baking something scrumptious in the café and go on a picnic, too. Mamma Mia!
Does your child love science and curious about the natural wonders of the world? We plan to have a fun filled week which includes daily hands-on scientific experiments, exploring the mad scientist's lab, learning about basic geology, biology, physics and other fascinating things. Come join us in our adventurous scientific journey! We plan to visit an interactive science museum with the older children, while the younger ones are busy experimenting in the lab. We also will grow crystals with our little scientists and they will participate in so many exciting projects we have planned for our campers!

Please note that this is only the preliminary program. We are planning the exact activities and field trips currently. Apple Tree reserves the right to change the planned program.

All the activities will be organized around the week’s theme. We will go on field trips, do art projects, make experiments, sing, listen to and dramatize stories, play in our well-equipped gym, and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Please note that some activities/field trips will not be offered to the youngest age group. Other, theme-related, age appropriate activities will be organized for our youngest ones instead.

You can enrol your child for full days (8.00 am – 4.00 pm) or for mornings only (8.00 am – 12.30 pm). The price includes all meals (4 times a day – breakfast, fruit snack, two course healthy lunch and afternoon snack), activities and field trips


Enrolment type Enrolled for 1 week Enrolled for any 2 weeks Enrolled for any 3 weeks Enrolled for all 4 weeks
5 Full days 55,000 HUF 110,000 HUF 165,000 HUF 220,000 HUF
5 Mornings only 45,000 HUF 90,000 HUF 135,000 HUF 180,000 HUF


In case you wish to enrol your child for less than 5 days/week, please ask for a tailored offer.

Fees can be paid via bank transfer or in cash. Fees must be received by Apple Tree before the first day of attendance each week.

For more information please feel free to contact us. In case you wish to sign up your child please fill in the form below and send it back to us. When we receive your sign up sheet we will confirm your child's place.

You can download the Application Form for our Summer School Program at the bottom of this page.



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