Katalin Czikora

katalin czikora I am a qualified kindergarten teacher originally from Slovakia. I studied ceramics and pottery before I obtained my diploma in teaching with majors in Visual Arts and Visual Communication in Nyíregyháza. I ran clay workshops in summer camps for children of different ages and I decided to work with young children. I spent 7 years abroad (in England and Australia) where I obtained my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I love working with children, I really enjoy exploring nature and the world around us with them. In my free time, I love running long distances and reading books.

Christina Ujhelyi

Christina ujhelyi I am originally from The United States. I have been working in the international preschool community in Budapest for over 15 years. Working and caring for children is a vocation that involves having fun, learning and exploring each day with adventure. I enjoy photography and nature in my free time.

Bianka Schmidt

bianka schmidt I had been working as a substitute teacher at Apple Tree in the past two years while I was finishing my studies at Eötvös Lóránd University Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education to get my diploma as an Infant and Early Childhood Educator. I worked as an au pair in Paris for a few months. I love being around children. Watching their honest joy, happiness and enthusiasm brings a smile to my face every time. I love music, singing and I play the guitar, recorder and the violin.

Anna Édes

Anna edes I finished my studies as a kindergarten teacher in 2016 and I have been a teacher at Apple Tree ever since. I have been playing the violin for more than 15 years. I admire children as much as I admire music. They play a significant part in my life. I believe creating a fun, loving and caring atmosphere, playing outdoors as much as possible, listening to stories and music and experimenting are the best ways to help children develop.

Szabina Morovik

Szabina morovik I studied English at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, to be a secondary school English teacher, but as I got in contact with younger children I realized that I want to work with this age group. I obtained my kindergarten teacher degree at ELTE, specialized in English. Apple Tree is my first workplace. I believe that every child is special and unique and I try to find a specific way to treat each of them. I love singing, doing arts and crafts and being in nature.

Christina Boros

Christina boros I am from Florida, United States. I joined the Apple Tree team three years ago. I have been living in Hungary with my Hungarian husband for 8 years. Our daughter, Dorka, is 6 years old. During my years at Apple Tree I have gained experience with children of different ages. My hobby is cooking and gastronomy.

Nóra Kövér

Nora kover I am from Keszthely, I moved to Budapest and started working at Apple Tree 2 years ago right after I graduated from high school. Apple Tree brings lots of joy to my life. I love working in a beautiful environment where I can give and get lots of love to/from the children and my colleagues. I have started my studies to qualify as a kindergarten teacher. I spend my free time at Balaton, in Keszthely.

Suzy Karácsony

Suzy karacsony I am a qualified kindergarten teacher originally from Transylvania. This will be my second year at Apple Tree. I enjoy organizing playful and fun gym sessions for our children. I previously worked at a bilingual kindergarten in Budapest. Earlier, while working as a teacher assistant in Romania I worked as a volunteer and organized summer camps for disadvantaged children. In my free time, I enjoy travelling and riding my bike.

Bori Kovács

Bori kovacs I am a qualified kindergarten teacher and I have worked in a Hungarian kindergarten for two years. This is my first year at Apple Tree. Before working as a kindergarten teacher in Hungary I worked with disabled people in England. During my studies, I spent my internship in a kindergarten in South Korea. I love working with young children, I enjoy playing and exploring the world with them.

Brian Faiola

Brian I am a founding member of Apple Tree and I have been working here for the past five years. I am from the United States. I have more than 14 years of experience working with kindergarten- aged children. I love cycling in my free time.

Boglárka Kalmár

Boglarka kalmar I am a qualified kindergarten teacher with 6 years of experience working with young children in international children's settings in Budapest. This is my second year at Apple Tree. I love running and cycling. I have been a volunteer at Bátor Tábor (Charity Organization organizing camps for seriously ill children) for several years.

Margaret Szentgyörgyi

Margaret szentgyorgyi I am from Chicago. I hold degrees in International Studies and Applied Linguistics, and I have been teaching young children in Hungary and in the US since 1993. This is my first year at Apple Tree. I am responsible for the literacy program at Apple Tree. I am a proud mother of three bilingual children. In my free time, I love to travel and read, and occasionally attend baroque music concerts. I love working with children because I can share their joy in discovering the world around them, especially through English and reading.

Tímea Emese Tóth

timea emese tothI am a qualified kindergarten teacher, specialized in English for young learners. This is my first year at Apple Tree. I believe that young learners’ foreign language acquisition can be reinforced with the help of music, in the most playful and natural way. As part of my university studies at ELTE faculty of primary and preschool education I had a chance to take part in an Erasmus program in Northern Ireland (Belfast). I love making music with children and I also play the violin.

Laura Szalay

Laura szalai This is my first year at Apple Tree, and I'm very excited to work with such a wonderful team. I was working at AISB in the two previous years, where I got familiar with children of age 3-6. In 2011, I joined their summer camp team, as a native speaker and Art teacher and I became part of the Hungarian-American community. I studied art and Textile design at MOME University in Budapest therefore now I design wedding dresses as a part time Job/Hobby. Balancing between working with children and expressing my own creativity is a long- dreamt lifestyle for myself.

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