Apple Tree Kindergarten and Nursery is operated by a non profit organization founded by Edina Stöllinger in 2012. Apple Tree Kindergarten & Nursery is a fully licensed kindergarten and nursery.

Edina Stöllinger is the owner and founder of Apple Tree Kindergarten & Nursery. Edina has a business background with several years spent in the multinational corporate environment. A mother of three, she decided to devote her life to young children and qualified as a kindergarten teacher. She gained experience in several kindergartens both in Hungary and abroad. She was deputy director then acting centre director of an international kindergarten and nursery in Budapest for one and a half years. Founding her own kindergarten and nursery is her dream come true... Edina is responsible for the overall management of Apple Tree Kindergarten and Nursery.

Our address: 1026 Budapest, Trombitás út 11. |E-mail: mail foot2| Phone: +36 30 708 2248  Language available : hungarian

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